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Commander Ael t'Laris

Name Ael i-Raal t'Laris

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcanoid(Romulan/Vulcan Hybrid)
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 1.77 M (5'9 ft.)
Weight 57 Kg (126 lbs)
Hair Color Dark Brown, though her roots are jet black.
Eye Color Emerald green
Physical Description A woman of average weight and height, Ael t'Laris possesses a head full of luscious dark brown hair. While naturally gifted with great hair, she doesn't always take care of it and has a tendency to leave her hair in a messy bob, a stark contrast to the neatly combed and rather sharp hairstyle of most Vulcans. On duty however, she will tie the back end up into a small ponytail. Contrast to many Vulcans, Ael's complexion is lighter than most, and a shade greener. She possesses a shade of light freckles over her face. Unfortunately for Ael, her father hailed from the South hence why she does not have the usual ridged forehead.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Torak i-Ra'tleihfi tr’Laris (Retired Romulan Imperial Navy warbird Commander)
Mother Captain T'Pir (Starfleet Captain, USS Caledonia)
Brother(s) Subcommander Aev i-Raal tr'Laris (V'Shar Officer, VSS T'Pau)
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family Rear Admiral K'Voss (Mentor and uncle)
(A very long list of distant cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents on Vulcan and New Romulus)

Personality & Traits

General Overview At her core, Ael is an officer who desires for the best outcome that can be achieved for her people. She is fiercely loyal to anyone she has dedicated herself to, and will never forsake such loyalty, even if her actions might seem dishonest or dangerous to said loyalty. An intelligence officer by training, Ael often speaks inquisitively and has a tendency to second guess answers and possibilities when presented at face value. She is an excellent judge of personalities and from her time as the executive officer of the Choukai, has developed a keen sense of troubled personalities among any junior crew. Whilst her upbringing on Vulcan was that of a traditional Vulcan, Ael often has trouble keeping her emotions in check. This is a result of her negligence, and while many other Vulcans might view this as sloppy or even sacrilege, her empathic nature has allowed a bridge between her and other crew members who don't follow the strict doctrine of logic. Recent traumas have shattered this bridge however, and the last year spent on Vulcan for medical leave has made Ael colder and sterner than she was before.

(Voice claim:
Strengths & Weaknesses Initially working as a xeno-linguist in SFI, Ael has mastered the use of several galactic languages. A list of some of the major languages she is fluent in include: Klingon, Orion (High and Low), Rihannsu (Imperial standard, and two other rural dialects), Vulcan, Cardăsda(including one rural dialect), and English. Her time in SFI was spent mostly in field operations, allowing her ample amounts of experience in areas of phaser handling, cqc, and small squad tactics. However, at the fundamental core of her skillset, Ael is an intelligence officer and will always opt for subterfuge as opposed to any hard or frontal methods that may compromise the integrity of the team.

While both an exemplary officer and leader, Ael does have trouble, as the humans would say, with talking about her feelings. This is not birthed from an inherent arrogance however, rather, a combination of recent traumas and her Vulcan upbringing keeping her from fully expressing herself. She lacks an adequate support group as well for handling such traumas, and often rely on her feeble attempts at meditation, which generally ends in failure. She is still functional however, especially after an entire year of medical leave on Vulcan.
Ambitions Like many in her position, Ael has lofty hopes of one day sitting in the captain's chair full time. However, in recent developments, she is unsure what she truly wants out of her career in Starfleet. Her uncertainty has reached a point where she has started considering civilian employment, or even PMC, but has yet made any moves towards these positions. She will most likely remain in Starfleet however, as that is both what is expected and wanted for her.
Hobbies & Interests Linguistics has always been a constant passion within Ael's life. She has, through her lifetime, grown quite proficient in this area of sciences and thus, dedicate a good portion of her freetime to analysis and enjoyment of ancient alien texts. Her current obsession is ancient Rihannsu war manuals and have been working on a translation of a particularly important piece of writing from that field into English. She does however, also have a soft spot for 19th century Cardassian romance literature, especially the ones that narrated relationships considered taboo by the social zeitgeist at the time. In addition to her linguistics pursuits, Ael is decently proficient at Vulcan 5D chess, but by no means a master. An athletically minded officer, she also exercises daily through cardio and weight-training, but if she can find enough individuals, she would rather play volleyball than lift something heavy. She is also trained in Suus Mahna, and its Rihannsu form, but she does not consider this hobby, rather, a means to her current status in life.

Personal History Birthed at the tale end of the Dominion War in the poorly lit maternity ward of a damaged Excelsior-class cruiser the USS Ratcliff, Ael and her twin brother Aev came into this world under the strangest of circumstances. Indeed, unlike many of their species where childbearing was a matter facilitated by strict logic as opposed to passion, the very nature surrounding their inception bring unwanted controversy. It was after all, a moment of emotional failure for their mother T’Pir, who having recently lost her mate to the suffocating tide that was the Jem’Hadar, ran herself into the arms of the nearest Vulcanoid, who just so happens to be a Romulan Commander named Torak. No doubt won over by his charming demeanor, the two laid together one night onboard Deep Space Nine and rest was history.

Their birth was a point of contention for their parents, and while Torak the father was ecstatic, T’Pir was less so. She found raising children a burden to her career, not to mention the shame it would bring her and her house back on Vulcan when the true nature of the twins’ conception was revealed, so for the vast majority of their formative years, Aev and Ael spent their time on Torak’s family villa in Ra’tleihfi. However, as with the nature of Romulan politics, those in high places often found themselves in the sites of those in higher places. Torak, although a brilliant tactician and warrior, unfortunately failed to read the political landscape and when his family’s loyalty was questioned by the traitor Shinzon, he couldn’t help but protest. His political stance put his entire family in danger, a fact Torak realized when his father, a senator, was murdered in broad daylight by enemies of the clan. Forsaking years of training and political propaganda, Torak in a last ditch attempt to save those dear to him made for the Federation and sought asylum.

T’Pir, after spending several months meditating on P’Jem, has concluded that while she may never forgive Torak for taking advantage of her during a time of weakness, she should do what is logical and try to raise the twins in the ideal Vulcan way. Tracking down the Romulan Commander may prove a difficult and perhaps impossible task, but almost as if it was preordained by fate, T’Pir was informed of his request for asylum. Naturally, she refused to see him but offered to take the twins home to Vulcan and to be raised as Vulcans, as they should have been to begin with but Torak of course refused. He argued for a vital role of a father figure for both of the children, and whilst T’Pir wanted nothing to do with the man, she couldn’t deny the fact that he had been nothing but loving and caring for the two unwanted pariahs. Eventually, after much meditation, she agreed to help Torak with his application for asylum and to take in the twins, under the conditions that he live in a separate house and for the twins to be raised as Vulcans. For the second time in their lives, now aged 8 years old, a drastic change has taken shape. Life on Vulcan was nowhere near life on Romulus and while the province of Raal was an idyllic seaside resort, the deserts of Vulcan ultimately cannot compare to the rolling plains of Ra'tleihfi. To this day, both twins have grown nostalgic for a simpler time and view Romulus as their true home as opposed to Vulcan.

T’Pir, still feeling shame for the true nature of her children albeit illogical, has for the longest time hidden the truth, claiming she and her bondmate had conceived just before his death; and explained Torak as just a Romulan gardener. But such ruse eventually fell through and the foremother deduced that Torak was the true father of the twins; his frequent visits especially towards the children were a dead giveaway. However, in another twist of fate, compassion was shown and the foremother refused to worsen the matter in any way. She even offered her granddaughter T’Pir, who was still occupied with her career, her assistance in bringing up the twins, to which she agreed. And thus began the years of stewardship under the teachings of Surak.

Whilst Aev naturally took to the teachings and lessons of his foremother, Ael on the other hand struggled with conceptualizing the fundamentals of logic. Perhaps it was her chaotic personality; Aev was always more temperamental and docile compared to his sister, or maybe it was because Ael had spent too much time with Torak when she was young. Either way, a clear divergence in personality between the twins began taking shape. But whilst such divergent personalities often caused conflict among individuals, Aev and Ael simply grew closer as they matured. Indeed, they were really all they had in a world that shunned their very existence.

Adolescence eventually came and went, now on the cusp of adulthood, decisions were needed to be made. Whilst it was the hopes of their foremother that both of the twins would enter the Vulcan Science Academy and eventually join with the V'Shar, neither of the twins saw this as a desireable future. Aev especially, had hopes of joining Starfleet and perhaps getting in touch with his Rihannsu side, but such dreams were dashed when their foremother orchestrated an opening for him in the VSA. Seemingly satisfied to having gotten at least one of the twins for the VSA, their foremother gave her blessings for Ael to join Starfleet. (More to come lol)
Service Record 2393 - 2397 | Cadet
-Enrolled and accepted to Starfleet Academy at the age of 18.

-Graduated from Starfleet Academy at the age of 22, majoring in Xeno Linguistics with a minor in Covert Intelligence Gathering.

2398 | Ensign
-Commissioned with the rank of Ensign and assigned to the USS Lisboa as an adjutant to Commander K'Voss, Chief Intelligence Officer.

-Captured along with the rest of the crew of the USS T’Pau during a skirmish with rogue Klingon forces. Taken to Prison Installation 56 and held for 5 month until a ransom was paid. Upon release and with her exemplary performance during captivity, Ensign t'Laris was recommended for the Advanced Tactical Training course by Commander k'Voss.

2399 | Advanced Tactical Course

-The course went on without a hitch. Ael was able to graduate among the top of her class with its conclusion by 2399. She was promoted to a full bird Lieutenant as a result, along with an official transfer to Intelligence.

2400 - 2404 | Lieutenant

-The USS T’Pau, now an officially sanctioned SFI vessel under the command of Captain K’Voss, Lieutenant t’Laris resumed her duties though this time serving as the predominant intelligence officer.

-The USS T’Pau, now assigned to the 7th fleet, conducted intelligence gathering missions along the neutral zone. Lieutenant t’Laris participated in [redacted] while on the T’Pau to great success. Captain K’Voss received a lateral promotion to SFI HQ.

-By August of 2402, Lieutenant t'Laris was pulled away from frontline duties under the insistence of Captain K'Voss to serve under him at SFI HQ.

-November of 2402, assigned to [redacted].

-December of 2403, dismissed from [redacted] and given one month of leave.

-February of 2404, assigned to Deep Space-13 as Intelligence Officer after special recommendation from Commodore K’Voss, now the chief of SFI after the dismissal of the previous chief.

2405-2410 | Lieutenant Commander

-Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given the position of department head for SFI operations on DS-13.

-Rotated to frontline service after a pressing need of experienced intelligence officers arose as a result of the Klingon-Federation war. However, given Lt. Cmdr. t’Laris’s additional tactical training, she was selected as the executive officer of the USS Choukai, a Sovereign-class cruiser and rotated out of SFI.

-Attached to the 38th Fleet, the USS Choukai saw extensive combat action during the Klingon-Federation war of 2405-2410, serving mostly on the frontline between the Aldebaran and Donatu sectors.

-During the Iconian War, the USS Choukai once again saw extensive action, though given the status of a Sovereign-class, she was rotated for defense of key systems. She was lost, however, during the final battle over Earth when pincered by several Herald warships. 75% of the crew was able to escape from escape pods.

-Lt. Cmdr. t’Laris, the chief medical and science officers were among the survivors, along with several junior officers and enlisted personnel. The remainder of the senior staff, including the captain, was listed as MIA though their status was quickly changed to KIA after their bodies were discovered among the wreckage.

-Official debriefing concluded that the loss of the Choukai resulted from an overwhelming number of enemy forces, as was the case with many other losses that day. Lt. Cmdr. t’Laris was noted, from multiple sources of surviving crew member, to have risked her life on several occasions to ensure the safety and survival of those that remained. However, given obvious trauma suffered, t’Laris was decommissioned and given one year of paid leave, to which she decided to spend on Vulcan.

2411 | Commander

-At the conclusion of her one year medical leave, t’Laris was recommissioned though this time with a bump up in rank for her accomplishments and service during the prior decade of war. As an executive officer, she comes highly recommended from her former handler the now Rear Admiral k’Voss of SFI and the late Captain T'Lyn, CO of the USS Choukai.