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Ensign Alicio Perim

Name Alicio Perim Sc.D.

Position Computer Systems Specialist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Unjoined Trill
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 1.63 m.
Weight 49 kg.
Hair Color Light auburn
Eye Color Cerulean
Physical Description Alicio Perim is a young woman with a rather fair freckled complexion and hair full of auburn hair that she keeps hanging past her shoulders. Like most Trills, she is adorned with spots that run from her head down to her feet, covering the entire length of her body.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Jim Peart
Mother Kell Perim
Brother(s) n/a
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family n/a

Personality & Traits

Personal History The only child of Starfleet officers Kell Perim and Jim Peart, Alicio grew up on the tranquil world of Trill. She was considered at a young age to be a prodigy, having scored unusually high marks on intellectual exams administered by the Trill government. Because of her particular gifts, Alicio often spent the majority of her childhood within the walls of specialized academies, examination rooms, and the rather ominous halls of the Symbiosis Commission. While this approach stimulated and grew her intellectual faculties, her minders often failed to consider the development of her social and mental parameters, turning a once bright and happy child into a stunted introvert who often feared interactions with strangers. These issues were no doubt brought up by the hundreds of child psychologists she has seen throughout her youth, but have nevertheless fallen on the deaf ears of those entrusted to cultivate her rare talents. It was also decided for her during her formative years that Alicio would eventually take up a symbiont; a blessing that she herself never wanted.

Her first academic experience was at the Trill Science Ministry, having been accepted as a sophomore noless at the tender age of fourteen. An outstanding student in every aspect, Alicio was able to graduate valedictorian of her class, though a terrible case of analysis paralysis meant there was no speech. It was during this time when steps were taken to begin the process of joining her with a symbiont; the supposed culmination of years of training and examinations. However, Alicio refused to join with a symbiont. This decision was mostly met with bewilderment, the Symbiosis Commission finding itself ethically ill-equipped to handle such an outcome as nobody in her position would even consider such an act. With bewilderment, comes fear, and from fear, sprouts the seeds of sentient rights violation. There were talks of fines placed on her family, exile for Alicio, and even a forced joining with a symbiont, but such extremes never came into fruition. Regardless, news of this sacrilege soon spread over the planet and Alicio was virtually considered a pariah overnight by the overwhelming majority of Trill society. What little fame and hopeful prospects she had as a child prodigy was quickly dashed as she was now remembered as one of the few unjoined Trills who refused a symbiont.

Partially fearing for her life, Alicio found the quickest transport off of Trill and soon arrived on Earth. While it was unclear to her where she wanted to take the next steps in her life, she was recommended the Daystrom Institute by her father given her interest--or perhaps obsession--for the simulation of artificial intelligence. Thankfully, humans cared little for Trill politics and Alicio was easily accepted based solely off of her intellectual capacities. While one would consider this new change of environment as something beneficial, Alicio’s poor upbringing took its toll and she began to self-isolate. As a result, her mental state deteriorated. She grew paranoid, fearing dark corners and believing in a false narrative that detailed an inevitable kidnapping by the Symbiosis Commission to force a joining. Nightmares of monstrously large worms became a nightly ritual for the young Trill, and soon she was straddling the fragile line between sanity and insanity.

But through these dark years, Alicio’s brilliance only grew. Almost as if it was a survival instinct, her obsession towards comprehending farflung theories within her selected field only worsened, propelling her academic career beyond what it once was. By the age of twenty-four, Alicio was awarded a doctorate for her academic accomplishments in the field of artificial environments and intelligence simulation. Her paranoia at this point was becoming unsustainable, however. No matter how brilliant or intellectually gifted she was, Alicio’s mental deterioration would soon mean none of her achievements mattered and so she sought professional help. Thankfully, good therapy for an individual situated on a homeworld like Earth was very easy to come by. Her mind, after months of therapeutic work and a regime of medicine, was eventually able to settle.

At this point in her life, Alicio was yet again unclear on her next steps. At just the age of twenty-four, she had accomplished feats many wouldn’t in an entire lifetime and is considered one of the foremost authorities on the concepts of artificially simulated environments and intelligence. Yet, they all paled in comparison to the truly lofty goals of putting in practice the many theories comprehended through the past decade but for one to do that would mean the breaking of several galactic treaties, Federation laws, and ethical codes imposed by academics through the centuries. Partially fearing the same social rejection she faced back on Trill, though mostly a lengthy prison sentence in New Zealand, Alicio shelved most, if not all active projects. Finding herself in the same limbo many former scientists in her field faced during the ban on synthetic organisms of 85, she turned to her father once more for advice.

He recommended Starfleet to her, something she herself would never think of. But as Alicio considered the fact that while she herself may never truly simulate her own intelligence, the prospects of studying alien or rogue AIs intrigued her. Thus, Alicio applied for a commission. Given her academic credentials, she was spared the full four year course at the Academy and received the rank of Ensign.

Published and Peer reviewed works:

Perim, A. P. (2409). On the Theoretical Pursuit of Artificially Generated Environments and Intelligences within a Matrioshka Brain (Publication no. 99825235) [Doctoral dissertation, Daystrom Institute]. United Federation of Planets Scientific Dissertations and Theses database.
Service Record 2400 - 2403 (Trill Science Ministry, Undergraduate)

2403 - 2409 (Daystrom Institute, PhD Student/Candidate)

2409 - 2410 (Starfleet Academy, OCS)

2411 (USS Titan, Computer Specialist)