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Captain Thomas Ward

Name Thomas Ward

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 200


Father Jay Ward (Status Unkown)
Mother Ella Ward (Deceased)
Other Family Alex Stanton

Personality & Traits

Personal History In 2372, Former Vice Admiral James Layton attempted a coup d'etat against the Federation Government in order to establish himself as the Military Dictator of the United Federation of Planets. However, his plan was shut down by Captain Benjamin Sisko. Only a few people conspired with Layton. Among them were Jay and Ella Ward, who had just given birth to their son three months prior. After Layton’s coup failed, Jay and Ella fed Federation space, leaving Thomas Ward in the care of an old friend of theirs, Lieutenant Commander Alex Stanton. Stanton became Thomas’ primary caretaker for the next eighteen years. Because of this, Thomas followed her to her first and second commands.

2390 rolled around and Thomas questioned what to do next with his life. He had considered applying to Starfleet Academy to follow in Alex’s footsteps. However, his parents had betrayed Starfleet and the Federation. Being that they left, they basically betrayed Thomas himself. He didn’t want to become what his parents became. It took the convincing of Alex, and most of her senior officers of the USS Farragut, to convince Thomas to join the academy. However, his parents had disappeared and he wanted to find them. In most divisions, he would have a harder time getting information. So, when he applied, he applied in the Intelligence Division. He was accepted into SFA that same year.

In the academy, Thomas was a rather quiet person. He had few friends and he didn’t talk much. But that was how he was and that was how he better spent his energy. That being said, he aced pretty much all of his classes. Four years later, when he graduated at the rank of Ensign, he applied to Starbase 375, as an Intelligence Officer under the Command of Alex Stanton, who had now risen to the rank of Commodore.

Ward called Starbase 375 for the next three years. During that time he gained a good standing in Starfleet Intelligence. However, in his third year at 375, he began to be followed. He eventually caught on. He began to watch his back around every corner and every door. He couldn’t even grab a meal at a bar without getting the feeling that he was being watched. This went on for 6 months, until he found out from Commodore Stanton, that Starfleet Intelligence had found coordinates of a possible location of Thomas’ father. Initially, Thomas wanted to find his father, and Alex originally disallowed him to. After all, she was a Commodore, and he was an Ensign. The same day that he found out the status of his father, Ward was contacted by Section 31, who, as it turns out, were following Thomas all along. They needed his expertise to find his own father. Because of this, Stanton herself allowed him to take the assignment with Section 31. He was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

On the record, Thomas was a simple agent for Starfleet Intelligence, Off the record, he was a Section 31 operative. It took a promotion and four years of classified and questionable assignments to find his father. When he did, he wanted to interrogate his father himself. He wanted vengeance for what his father did to him and the Federation now twenty-eight years prior. However, when he found out from his father that his mother was killed fourteen of those years ago, he became emotionally compromised because of the mission at hand. His father was sentenced to life at a top secret Starfleet Prison in deep space that even Thomas didn’t know about.

Thomas couldn’t handle Section 31 anymore. He had done so many questionable things. He had ruined worlds, fought “enemies” that didn’t need or want to be fought. Finding his father, and finding out about his mother’s fate was the final straw. He wanted out. After he resigned from Section 31, he requested a leave of absence. Primarily to clear his head. In the year he was gone, he redeemed himself, even though many didn’t know that he even did the things that he did. Upon his return to Starfleet, he requested a transfer to the USS Titan NCC-80102. He managed to gain a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

Aboard the Titan originally, he held the positions of Second Officer, and Chief Intelligence Officer. He served with distinction for the next four years, until the Executive Officer at the time was promoted off the ship. Thomas was promoted to full Commander because of his service, and he was promoted to the position of Executive Officer on the Titan.

Compared to his time as Second Officer, he only spent two years as the First Officer. In 2407, in the middle of the Federation-Klingon war, his Commanding Officer, Captain David Wilson, was killed in action in the middle of a battle between a Klingon Battlecruiser. Thomas was forced to assume command. With quick thinking, and the help from the rest of the crew, the Titan was saved from near destruction. Thomas’ record, and his actions during the battle caught the eye of Fleet Admiral Quinn. Starfleet was low on CO’s, and ships for that matter. This was the Admiral’s logic for giving him full Command of the Titan, as well as promoting him to the rank of Captain.

He commanded the Titan for three years. Through many battles, as well as exploring uncharted territories and strange new worlds. He commanded the ship with valor and honor. Even until after the war ended, and even after the Alliance was founded. That all changed in 2410. A few months prior, the Iconian War broke out, after the Iconians launched a full scale invasion of most of the Galaxy. Near the end of the war, during the Battle of Earth, Ward and the rest of the crew were forced to abandon ship. A Titan of many great commanders, fell to her fate in Earth’s atmosphere. Even though the Titan was lost, the battle marked the end of the war. No peace treaties, no surrenders, but a “peaceful” ceasefire, thanks to the help of a group of Alliance Officers.

After the war concluded, Captain Ward began to have nightmares from the war. Most of them were of the Titan’s destruction. Later that year, after the Hur’q incident, Thomas was given command of a new ship with the right name. While the new ship wasn’t complete, the Captain would oversee construction for the next few months, with a slated launch date for April 5th, 2411. To be continued...
Service Record 2390-2391- Cadet Freshman, Starfleet Academy
2391-2392- Cadet Sophomore, Starfleet Academy
2392-2393- Cadet Junior, Starfleet Academy
2393-2394- Cadet Senior, Starfleet Academy
2394-2397- Ensign, Intelligence Officer, Starbase 375
2397-2399- Lieutenant Junior Grade, Classified Assignment
2399-2401- Lieutenant, Classified Assignment
2400-2401- Leave Of Absence, Earth
2401-2405- Lieutenant Commander, Chief Intelligence Officer and Second Officer, USS Titan NCC-80102
2405-2407- Commander, Executive Officer, USS Titan NCC-80102
2407-2410- Captain, Commanding Officer, USS Titan NCC-80102
2410-24XX- Captain, Commanding Officer, USS Titan NX-98100