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Lieutenant Commander Finchley Kerr

Name Finchley Kerr

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 224 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey/Blue
Physical Description Fit and able, Finchley has kept himself in good shape and has a strong physique he's quite proud off. Square jawed, and a lot of the time quite serious looking, he likes to project and maintain a calming manner on those he serves alongside.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Charles Kerr, Cultural Diplomatic Corp (deceased).
Mother Theara Kerr, former Deltan Cultural Attache.
Brother(s) Captain Brett Kerr, CO, USS Denton

Commander Franklin Kerr, Chief Engineering Officer, USS Belar

Commander Lex Kerr, Head Counsellor, USS Wasp
Sister(s) Lieutenant Commander Mel Kerr, Chief Medical Officer, USS Gillenden
Other Family Vice Admiral Eugene Kerr, Chief of Staff to Starfleet Intelligence - Assignment files classified

Captain Florence Jackson (nee Kerr), Starfleet HQ Security

Captain James Kerr, Combat & Hand to hand Chief instructor, Starfleet Academy

Vice Admiral Jene Artel (nee Kerr), Council member of the Medical Resource Centre, Starfleet HQ

Personality & Traits

General Overview A hard working officer, good with the people under his command. Operates on a 'first in, last out' basis and never asks anyone to do something he's no willing to do himself first. Never lords himself over and above those he serves alongside, but maintains strict discipline in the field and when on duty, but likes to relax in his charges company. Sometimes a little bit troubled by bad memories of past conflicts, he's had discussions in the past with doctors who have explained that they are triggered by what the term as "survivors guilt", however, he never ever let's it effect him carrying out his orders to the letter, no matter where they take him and his team.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Loyal to the crew he serves with
+ Duty comes first
+ Can use any type of phaser or phaser rifle
+ Self defence
+ Explosives tech
+ Tracking skills

- Not good at taking leave due to him, see's himself as constantly being on duty/call
- Can be a little fussy about what he eats
- Sometimes a little 'to competitive' in training
Ambitions To always carry out his duties to the very best of his capabilities.
Hobbies & Interests Music (classical), reading, history, archaeology

Personal History Born into a loving family, but one where secrecy was just a part of life, Finchley's youth was not one of 'foot loose and fancy free' living because of his fathers position in the Intelligence community.

From a very early age, he was instructed by his parents that nothing was going to be handed to him on a silver platter, nor had he been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he would have to study and work hard for everything he required, thus providing a hard work ethic Finchley has maintained to this day.

He did have the best schooling and the best tuition, there was no denying that, and it was ascertained that his skills were definitely suited to physical and practical attributes and subject studying took slightly more work. He was a bright pupil, no denying it, and he didn't slack in his pursuit of study work he took, history being a particular interest of his.

As time went on, his home studying duties became more and more regimented as he began his training in what he saw as his goal that would one day see him take over the head of Starfleet Intelligence or move into Starfleet Operations when his father retired or passed away. Finchley found the sessions fascinating, and more than once he had deep and meaningful talks with his father, though he never enquired into what his father duties were.

His father saw that Starfleet Intelligence and Operations, where he himself served, were definitely what Finchley should do, his temperament was just right. They both sat down one day, along withy his mother and discussed what exactly it was he felt he'd like to do. Unsurprisingly Finchley spoke of wanting to enter Starfleet and become an Intelligence Officer just like his father had done before him. It didn't matter where he served, so long as that was the career path he began on.

His studies complete, and exams taken and graded, Finchley was delighted that he could apply to Starfleet to join their Academy and train to become a Starfleet Security Officer, the first step in being able to get noticed by the Intelligence department.

The four years he spent there were fraught at times, as a number of Cadets couldn't take the fact that Finchley was so competitive and he was mercilessly ribbed at times, on more than one occasion, that his quick quips putting them down caused friction and he ended up in a fight. However, he did win as many fights as he got a 'doing over' in, and in the end it endeared him to his fellow Cadets and they accepted him as one of their own.
Service Record Year One: Studied as Security Cadet and seconded in Operations. Also did triage course work, weapons (basic).

Year Two: Advanced Security Measures/Operational studies passed, weapons (standard) and basic medical background study.

Year three: Completed Advanced Security Measures course (with a few months to spare) so set himself the target of getting his provisional pilots license (shuttle only). Once his provisional licence was passed, he set about obtaining his full piloting licence, which he was successful in. Intelligence studies also passed alongside Secondary medical study and weapons (Federation Security level).

Year four: Advanced Security studies completed and full pilots license passed. Secondary medical studies (minimal pass) and advanced weapons course completed

Graduated from Starfleet Academy and brought into service.

Starfleet Assignments:

Security Ensign on board Uss Frannery.
Made Security team leader (Uss Frannery).
Transferred to USS Constance as Security Officer
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and Assistant Chief of Security
Enlisted into Starfleet Intelligence.
***All further Starfleet Intelligence Service records classified***
Returned to Starfleet service, promoted to Lieutenant and made Chief of Security/Tactical, USS Baxter
Re-assigned to Starfleet Intelligence to serve as Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Patterson
***All further Starfleet Intelligence Service records classified***
Returned to Starfleet service, made application to the USS Titan for the vacant position of Chief Intelligence Officer.