The Story of a First Contact Launch Day

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In the weeks leading up to First Contact Day, the USS Titan is almost ready for her maiden voyage. As the crew arrive, Captain Ward awaits orders from Starfleet Command.

Mission Group Season One
Start Date Sun Sep 5th, 2021 @ 11:57pm
End Date Thu Aug 5th, 2021 @ 11:57pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Lasting Chaos
by Captain Thomas Ward
Current Earth
Executive Meeting
by Captain Thomas Ward & Commander Ael t'Laris
2411.03.10 0900 Hours Ready Room, USS Titan
Two Intelligence Officers, One Titan
by Captain Thomas Ward & Lieutenant Commander Finchley Kerr
2411.03.10 1330 Hours Ready Room, USS Titan
Fish Sticks and Chicken Tendi
by Lieutenant JG Aira Milani, PhD & Lieutenant JG D'Kera Tasar
2411.03.12 0930 Hours Aquatics Laboratory, USS Titan
The Lower Decks
by Ensign Cassandra Irwin & Ensign Alicio Perim & Ensign Oliver Allen
2411.03.12 1300 Hours Junior Crew Messhall, USS Titan
Informal meetings.
by Commander Ael t'Laris & Captain Thomas Ward & Lieutenant JG Aira Milani, PhD
2411.03.13 1230 Hours Ten Forward, USS Titan
Secret Keepers
by Ensign Lialle Emaave & Ensign Alicio Perim
2411.03.14 0900 Hours Junior Crew Messhall, USS Titan
Coffee Time
by Captain Thomas Ward & Chief Petty Officer Kayla Ross
2411.03.22 0700 Hours USS Titan

Mission Summary